What Is Sms Marketing And Email Marketing What Are The Differences Between Sms Email Marketing

Free Digital Marketing Article: What is SMS Marketing and Email Marketing? Why businesses need SMS Marketing and Email Marketing?

In Digital marketing, SMS marketing and Email Marketing plays a very important role to attract customers, increase conversion, increase traffic, lead generation, etc.

Both marketing types have their own importance in the Digital world. So, In this article, we will focus on “What is SMS marketing and Email marketing?” and “how these both marketing types are different?”.


What is SMS marketing?

What is SMS marketing?

 SMS marketing is a marketing channel, that allows businesses to message customers with marketing messages through SMS, or more usually known, text messaging. These marketing messages can differ from promotional messages, product launches, new lines, sales, offers, and more.

SMS marketing is the perfect modern way to communicate with customers. In this modern fast-paced world, people want to communicate in an easy way that suits them, a nice quick, comfortable way that fits with their lifestyle. And that is why SMS marketing is now so popular amongst customers and businesses.

Why SMS Marketing is the easiest way to target?

In today’s world, mobile phones are the basic needs of people. We need our mobile phone for every digital work and for entertainment. They not only capture our everyday life, but they also help us through it.

Our mobile phones are the Swiss army knives of human life, they let us take photos, set alarms, check our bank balance, make payments, listen to music, read books, watch films, turn our heating on… This list could go on and on. So, people kept their phones with them 24*7 and always check their SMS for daily updates like bank SMS, office SMS, daily deals, etc. That’s why SMS marketing is the perfect way for us to communicate, it’s instant, quick, and convenient.

Why SMS Marketing is helpful for business?

SMS Marketing is quick, easy, and convenient for businesses too. In one click we can send out large bulk SMS messages. We can easily track who clicked their links and see who has unsubscribed from their messages.

– 98% of all text messages get read (Source: Gartner)

– 95% of all texts are read within 3 minutes (Source: Forbes)

There are many ways businesses are using SMS marketing, whether that be through an SMS API  or an online SMS Web Platform.

  • A new product or service
  • Sale or offers
  • Notifications
  • Delivery updates
  • Appointment reminders
  • Important news
  • Customer Service
  • Support
Basically, SMS marketing can help businesses with anything and everything.

What is E-mail marketing?

Email marketing is the use of email to promote businesses. It is used to develop relationships with potential customers, keep current customers informed and refreshed on your brand, offer a discount to encourage customer loyalty, and more.

Email marketing is a direct form of marketing, similar to marketing through snail mail, but email marketing is much more suitable for your wallet and for the environment since it’s totally paperless.

Email marketing can be used to build trust with your customers by sending offers and updates. People want to stay informed about your brand, and email marketing is one of the best ways to stay involved with that audience. In fact, 28% of US online shoppers report subscribing to store or product emails in order to stay informed on brands they care about.

What is E-mail marketing?

What are the benefits of Email marketing over businesses?

Today, 94% of Internet users use email. Therefore, marketing through email allows you to reach a lot of Internet users even if they are not active on social media. Moreover, a survey found that an astounding 75% of adult online users say email marketing is actually their chosen marketing method.

By using Email marketing we can easily track ROI. Everything is trackable with the use of email marketing software so you can determine who is opening your emails, who is clicking onto your site through your emails, and more.

The ROI is usually very high because you don’t have to put ad money behind emails to get them to the correct audience like you do with most other forms of advertising. They are already targeted towards the perfect consumer because you are only sending emails to people who have given you permission via providing you with their email address. This makes email marketing one of the cheapest possible marketing tactics.

According to the survey, 66% of all emails in the U.S. are opened on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. So, an instant of considering using a text message or SMS campaign, email marketing might be a better choice for you. Email marketing works pretty much the same way as SMS marketing, but you can reach desktop users as well and most smartphone users find emails to be less troublesome than text messages from companies.

So, we can say that Email marketing is cheap and it helps to target large audiences and accurate audiences.

Tools for Email marketing:

There are many software and automation tools are available for email marketing. For example, MailChimp and Constant Contact can be used to send out emails and monitor how your subscribers interact with your emails. You can also use email marketing software to track analytics like click-through rates, open rates, bounce rates, and conversions.


SMS marketing and Email marketing both marketing methods are important to target large audiences. Where SMS marketing is an easy and convenient marketing style. Email marketing is a cheap and effective marketing style.

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