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Free Digital world SEO article: What is SEO? How on-page SEO works to make SEO friendly website.
SEO Stand for Search Engine Optimization is a process to improve the website ranking in search engines. In simple terms, it increases the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or web page to the user of search engines.
SEO improves the website’s unpaid result i.e. “organic and natural”. SEO may target different kinds of searches including images search, video search, academic search, news search, and industry-specific vertical search engine. Optimizing a website involves editing its content, adding content, and modifying HTML and associated coding to both increases its relevance to specific keyword and removes barriers to the indexing activities of search engine.
Google is the biggest search engine in the internet world, and every businessman and service provider wants to display their website on top of the Google search list. There are many paid advertisement options are available to display your website on top of the search list. But paid ads are temporary because paid ads are following PPC- Pay per click type biding there for if someone is paying more than you then your website will no longer appear on top paid ads. That’s why instant of paid make your website more SEO friendly and make your website more visible on the search result page.

SEO has two types i.e.

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO
To make your website visible on a search result and want to see your website on top of the search result page, you have to follow some important points which will help you to reach on top.


How on-page SEO works to make SEO friendly website?

Domain Name:

On page SEO
 Before building a new website, choosing the right domain name is the biggest decision. SEO strategies have devised many practices to help to increase website ranking in search engines and the domain name is the factor that is believed to play a crucial role in SEO strategies. Some important aspects to identify the right domain name are the length, name. The length of the domain name must be ideal means not too short or not too large.


We can say that content runs website and content is the king. Content on your website plays a crucial role to boost your website. Content is something that describes your website like what information and services your website contains. Content is the first thing that your audience sees once they enter a search query. It is important to give your audience an idea about what they can expect from your content or website.

Content would be a title, description, keywords, data, and pictures. valuable content and the similarity in content attract more audiences, and it helps to increase your website ranking on search engines.

If the user searches something, then the user reviewed a list of search results, analyzed URLs, titles and meta descriptions, etc. then decided to visit your page. Here is when things really get interesting.
A user will spend 2 or 3 seconds to decide if what they searched for is actually here. This is a critical time frame and everything in front of the user should be crafted to ease that decision.

Here are some tips and tricks for perfect content:

Website title: Website title is something that identifies your website in a single title. To make website title SEO friendly enter at least one main keyword which attracts user For example If your website selling some food products then your website should contain keyword like “Food” in website title.
Headline: If you are writing blogs and articles on any particular topic then start the topic with H1 headline and add super keywords in the headline. After H1 headline writes H2 headline and adds at least 50 to 100 keywords in the headline, add keywords related to your topic.
Keywords: Keywords are a very important part of the content because keywords will help your title to rank high on the search engines. To find perfect and valuable keywords for your website always compares your website with your competitors and search what kind of keywords your competitors are using. Modify those keywords and use those keywords in your article.
Description: Description is something that describes your products, services, or your value of your website. A perfect description must contain all the information about your services and along with information, it must show how you are different from others and why your services are best.
Pictures: Pictures are visibility represent your website your page and your services. So always use high-quality clear pictures for your article and blogs.

Meta Tags:

A meta description is a summary of the page and appears as part of a search result snippet, below the page title. It helps people decide whether to click on your site or other sites above or below. The key is to experiment until you get satisfying click-through rates.
Meta Tags
Meta tags are a snippet of text that describes pages content, meta tags don’t on-page itself, but only in the page’s source code. The goal of meta tags is to increase page ranking. The title, description, and keywords help to make a page more visible on a search engine.

In e-commerce websites, meta tags play a crucial role to increase traffic, leads, and conversion rate. But the most important thing is content like the right keywords, valuable title, and description.

Please keeps some point in mind while writing meta tags for your website:

  1. Keep the length of the meta description between 150 to 160 characters. Not more than 160 keywords.
  2. Provide some valuable information in meta description like it must describe your website in a single sentence.
  3. Enter super keywords in title and description.


Secure websites can protect a user’s connection by securing their information from hackers, Encryption ensures that a user’s activity cannot be tracked or their information is safe. Data integrity prevents files from being corrupted as they’re transferred from the website. And authentication protects against attacks from 3rd parties hackers and builds user trust. Alongside all of the SEO benefits outlined, HTTPS is a more secure system for a website.
Security for a website and its users is the most important benefit of making the switch from HTTP to HTTPS. HTTPS is not only perfect for security reasons but for referred data as well.

By focusing on these aspects explained is very important to boost your website on search engines. In the next article ill explain SEO in more detail.


Page speed can be defined in either “page load time” the time taken to fully display the content on a specific page or “time to first byte” how long time it takes for your browser to receive the first byte of information from the webserver.
The speed of your web page does affect your website SEO. A good page speed help in ranking factor. While the average speed of the load page in the table is 8.66 sec, the recommendation for 2018 is to be under 3 seconds.
To get fast page load and good speed you have to follow some tricks:
  1. Use Smaller Images
  2. Use Less Rich Content
  3. Use Faster Servers
  4. Use Google’s Page Speed Insights Tool
  5. do not too many redirects
  6. remove render-blocking javascript


In this article mainly I focused on very basic needs which help you to boost your website ranking on Search Engine. If your website has valuable content, security, and a good domain name, then your website is ready to boost.
To learn about more Off-page SEO.
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