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How to improve products or brand ranking on Amazon and Flipkart? How to increase sales on Amazon and Flipkart?

Free Digital World Business Article: How to improve products or brand ranking on Amazon and Flipkart?

How to increase sales on Amazon and Flipkart? To increase sales on Amazon read the full article and make changes in your strategies, it’ll help you to make your product more visible.

Maintaining the competitive edge on Amazon and Flipkart is no mean feat. Especially if we don’t keep tabs on your competitors. The best way to identify the competitors of your brand or product on Amazon or Flipkart is to know your competitor’s Brand rank or product rank on these E-commerce websites. The second thing is to analyze their product visibilities like title, description, product information, keywords, product arrangement, tags.

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Let’s first analyze How our competitor’s products rank on Amazon. 

Amazon search also works as a search engine, if we enter a keyword in the Amazon search, it shows the relevant data or product. For making our product more visible in a search result and to show our product on top, we need to analyze our competitor’s product in-depth like title, keywords, tags, descriptions, and the information related to the brand.

It is also possible to search by EAN Code, although Amazon’s unique identifier is the ASIN.

Product Title

  • The very first thing we need is a valuable title. The title is something that must contain valuable information about the product. The title is the first chance you get as an eCommerce merchant to grab the attention of potential customers and stand apart from the competition.
  • A poorly written title tag can reduce click-throughs, which is an element that search engines use in their rankings.
  • Just like any other page element, you can write your title tags with SEO in mind and optimize them for search engines. There are several elements to this. Because both humans and algorithms will be using it, you have to craft your title tag to be easily legible for both.
  • The title helps the product or brand to find out fast and easy in search. Accurate and valuable titles increase the visibility of the product and improve its rank.

Product Description

  • A product description describes the product, what it is, and why it’s worth buying. It gives potential customers enough information about its features and benefits, makes a user purchase the product.
  • It also plays a vital role in Amazon/ Flipkart search rankings and conversions.
  • While writing the description put some valuable keywords and highlight them, These keywords attract more audiences and increase the traffic and sale.
  • A valuable description contains the necessary information that’s important, such as height or weight, color variations, fabric content, specs (battery life and connectivity), warranty, and more. Just show your audiences, “how your product is different?”, “What are the great features of your products?”, “Why your product is so special?”, in the form of description.


When doing keyword research, brands can use a variety of third-party tools, to help them devise a list of target keywords. A brand should already have a shortlist of keywords it wants to rank for before doing any additional research. It can then use this shortlist to start identifying more specific, long-tail keywords.
  • Keywords play a crucial role to increase the traffic, improve search visibility, increase ranking, and to understand your competitors.
  •  Keywords can be fetched from title, description, backend data, and from meta tags.
  • The product must be relevant to keywords, it will help to increase the rank and visibility of the product.
  • Accurate keyword improves conversion rate and increases traffic. That how keywords play a vital role in eCommerce Websites.


  • Media is nothing but your content which describes your product visually.
  • Product with high-resolution pictures and videos is the medium to attract your audience.
  • Always upload clear pictures with a clean background, and in the picture, the product covers at least 80% area.


products rank on Amazon


Feedback and review

Feedback and review

Customer’s positive feedback and reviews are very important to increase sales and or improving rank on Amazon or Flipkart. Because positive feedback and review built trust on new customers and it gains the attention of customers. So always ask your customer for the feedback, if the feedback is negative, talk with your customer resolve their problems and told them to remove negative feedback.


The promotion of products and brand will make your products more visible on Amazon. Amazon and Flipkart providing facilities like create coupons, promo codes, promotion of specific products or brands. All these facilities try to get attention from your customers and definitely will boost your sales on Amazon and Flipkart.


The right content and the right product is very useful to increase the product and brand visibility and to improve rank.
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