How To Make Your Facebook Brand Page More

How to make your Facebook brand page more active
Facebook is the biggest social media platform that has billions of user accounts. People using Facebook every day to connecting strangers or friends for sharing their thoughts and feelings.
But now people using Facebook not only for creating new friends or sharing thoughts but also using for businesses and services. As I said Facebook is the huge user based platform so you can use this platform for business branding or awareness. It is easy to create a brand page on Facebook, but it is difficult to manage a brand page.
Facebook brand page
But the most important thing is how to make your brand page more active, because if your brand page is not active on Facebook then people start losing their trust or interest from your brand. To increase the user’s attention or engagement you need to start some activity to make your page more active.
Here I’m going to share some tips and tricks to make your Facebook brand page more active:

Regular Posting:

Regular posting on your Facebook feed helps you to create a bond between your brand and your audiences. Regular posting engages your audience and very soon you’ll start getting positive engagement from your audience.
You can try the following tricks to engage your audience.
1. Add story: Adding stories on Facebook grab attention from your audiences.
2. Create polls: Polls will help you to understand your audience’s needs.
3. Add Content: High-quality Pictures, GIF, Videos.
4. Create Contest: People likes contest and they always show interest in the contest. Please note try to create a contest with easy terms and conditions.
5. Create Memes.

Create Event:

As soon as you’ve got the event on your calendar, you should create the event’s Facebook page. The sooner you create the page, the higher your odds of exposing people to it, and the greater your attendance will be.
Sent request to your audience for attending the event creating by you. Explain everything like “what is an event about”, “what facilities you are providing” This information make your audience more

Go Live:

To get engagement as soon as you go live, get people to talk about your live video. The Facebook live event is directly connecting you with your audience, you can ask your audience for feedback and query. Ask your audience what difficulty they are facing in daily life and show some solution through your brand will help to increase your brand value.

Create Groups or Join Groups:

Join Groups – find groups that are related to your business or services. Then join that group and share your post, promotions post in that group and get attention from people in the group.
Create Group – Create your own group and invite your friend and followers to join the group. Tell your followers to add more audience to the group and share your post for promotion in the group.

Add buttons:

Add buttons to your brand page like a messenger, Whatsapp, or contact us. These buttons will directly connect your audience to you. In messenger audience always looking for quick response, so add some automatic responses in your messenger.
Add chatbot to your brand page and set some automatic responses.


Always try to reply to your audience’s DM and answer their questions and query. Because it will help you to build trust between your audiences.  And try to engage your audience in post comments because it will increase awareness of your post and brand. Your active and engaging page helps you to build trust between your audiences or creating brand awareness.
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