How To Engage Audience On Instagram

How to engage the audience on Instagram?
Social Media works as a booster for people who like to increase their networks or want to reach more audiences at a time. Social media platforms have their unique importance and algorithms.
In this article, we will guide people who want to increase audience engagement on Instagram. Today Instagram is the most used social media platform people spent an average of 1 to 2 hours on Instagram every day. Instagram handling big business hub through their users.
How to engage the audience on Instagram?

So now every Instagram user who might be a businessman, entrepreneur, Influencer, etc want to increase their Instagram page engagement and want to gain some audiences.

Here I am going to show you how you will attract audiences to your post or page organically.

1. Instagram Polls:

Instagram Stories polls not only grab your audience’s consideration, but they also create an opportunity to hear directly from your followers and customers.
Instagram Polls
Instagram now has two different poll stickers you can add to your Instagram stories- the classic poll with two customizable answer options, and the newer emoji slider.
Instagram Stories poll stickers are a great tool for businesses to crowdsource ideas, collect product feedback, or find out what content your audience wants to see more of.
Including your Instagram followers in the creation of your new products is a great way to engage your audience, and by asking questions with polls you can get direct feedback from your target customers!
When using polls in your Instagram marketing strategy, it’s important to not only ask the right questions but also let your audience know you’re listening. Once your Instagram Stories poll is complete (after 24 hours), don’t forget to share the results!

2. Ask me Questions:

“Questions” is a sticker that can be added to your stories to allow your followers to submit questions for you. Each question you receive can be answered publicly in an additional Story. Audiences love Instagram partly because it’s such a conversational platform.
Ask me Questions

After getting questions from your audiences don’t forget to answer them in your story. this question sticker will help you to increase the bond with your audiences.

3. Quiz:

The quiz sticker lets you add up to four answers or multiple choices question. By default, you will only see spaces for two answers, which is the minimum requirement. When you fill the two, the third one will appear automatically and so will the fourth one when the third isn’t left empty.


 Being familiar with the right answer is necessary for quiz sticker. While creating a quiz, you will have to choose the correct answer first. To do so, tap on the A, B, C, D option present on the left side of the answer. The correct answer is shown in green to you.

4. Reply/ Comments:

Always try to reply to your audience’s DM and answer their questions and query. Because it will help you to build trust between your audiences.
And try to engage your audience in post comments because it will increase awareness of your post and brand.

5. Go live:

After combining with Facebook, Instagram comes with new feature i.e. Instagram live. On Instagram, the audiences ask anything about you or your brand and you can directly answer your audiences by using video chat.
And according to the latest update if someone wants to join in video chat then he or she will request you through video chat, if you accept their request then you both will start chatting live on Instagram.

6. Challenge:

Challenge is the new feature launched by Instagram for a story, by using this sticker you can challenge someone by tagging them in your story and ask them to do this challenge.

7. Create Contest:

Creating some exciting contest for the audience also helps you to gain your audience’s attention.
Apart from these stickers Instagram always launches some exciting stickers for users according to current situations. For example, in Coronavirus pandemic, Instagram launched stickers like stay home and Thank you for their users.
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