How To Do Social Media Post Promotion

Digital Marketing free course: Social Media Post Promotion to reach targeted audiences and to build a network with audiences

Digital Marketing free course: Social Media Post Promotion to reach targeted audiences and to build a network with audiences – Facebook/ Instagram

Social Media Post Promotion to reach targeted audiences
               In the world, I think every one aware of “What is Facebook/ Instagram”. basically, they are social media platforms, And nearly half of the world using them every day for connecting people all over the world. The basic purpose of Social media was connecting people anywhere in the world, who can share their thoughts, feelings, and interest to anyone anytime and anywhere. But the use of these platforms growing at high speed. Now a day use of these platforms not only for sharing thoughts, feelings, social activity but also it is a huge platform to grow a business. These platforms are playing a crucial role to develop business. To understand the key role of social media in business and the benefits of these platforms to business development, I had written a blog “How social media is beneficial for business.” Please read a complete blog for a better understanding. 

              Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social media platform in the world, Billions of people uses these platform every day and according to many surveys, an average people spend one to two hrs on these platform in a day. So, from a business perspective, these platforms are the right place to target a large audience. To provide a platform for business Facebook comes with the solution and i.e. “Facebook Marketing“. Instagram marketing is part of Facebook marketing, Both platforms follow the same procedure for advertisement. 

There are two ways you can do Facebook/ Instagram marketing.

1.Post Promotion 
2.Create an Advertisement

Most of the people are thinking that Facebook promotion and advertisement are the same things, but they are different in terms of marketing and communication. In this blog, the main focus is to explain the difference between promotion and advertisement and I’ll guide you “what are the steps for Facebook/ Instagram Marketing?” And ” How to do marketing on these platforms”.

Post Promotion:

Promotion is the set of activities, which spread a word about your product, services, and brand. The activities include post boosting/ promotion, brand awareness, boost call to action button, etc. It is very cost-effective as compared to the Facebook advertisement. It generates an instate result and it has a short term effect. It is suitable for all enterprises. Let’s look at ” How you promote your post on Facebook and Instagram?”.

Facebook Post Promotion:

1. Please follow the steps: First, you need to create a Brand/ Business page on Facebook. Fill all the required details about your business and brand. upload the brand picture and cover page. 

2. After all this, upload post which contains valuable details about your brand/ business like services, products, offers, your work, etc. 
3. After the successful creation of the post, Facebook allows you to boost or promote your post to your targeted audience, see below picture, how the post looks like. Click on the Boost Post button to promote the post. 
4. After clicking on Boost post, you need to select and edit some valuable information like “Where you actually want traffic” and ” What action you want from your audience”. Identify your audience is the key role of your promotion, to identify your audience you need to understand your marketing strategies, your goals, your services. Because without marketing strategies and goals its very difficult to identify your audiences.
Now, the next step is to select your budget and the time period.  
After all these steps Click Boost, and your post is ready for promotion.

 This is How your performance for your post looks. 

Instagram Promotion:

Instagram follows the same steps and procedures of Facebook Post Promotions. Only the difference is it has a different layout.

1.Select posts for promotion.

2. Select where you want to send traffic.
3. Select your targeted audience, These platforms create an automatically targeted audience according to details given by you. But you can also create a manual target audience by using your marketing strategies. 
4. After this, Select your budget and time period.
Now, your post is ready for promotion.


Promotion on Facebook/ Instagram is very easy, you just need valuable content, marketing strategies to complete successful post promotion. To understand how page promotion works Click here.

Here I am done with Facebook/ Instagram post promotion information. 

Screenshots used in this blog taken from Khorwal Footwear. They have wholesale ladies’ footwear business, for more details please contact at ” “.
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