Google Cloud Platform Free Hosting

Google Cloud Platform free 12-month free hosting, to start a new business.

Digital Marketing free Hosting: Google Cloud Platform free 12-month free hosting, to start a new business.

Google Cloud Platform free 12-month free hosting
Nowadays to start a new successful business digital presence is necessary. To make your business visible online obviously, you need a budget to develop your website. For developing a website, server, and domain are the most important. Many hosting websites providing servers and domain names and charging money for them but as a startup company most of the people facing budget problems, and because of the budget problem they are postponing their website work and digital presence. 
Google always comes with a solution that helps people to grow their business and services. Here, I am talking about the service provided by Google i.e. Google Cloud hosting. In this article, I’ll show you what are the features of Google Cloud Hosting and How to get free hosting?

Features of Google Cloud Hosting:

  • Trust and security: Google is the biggest name in the digital world and they always care about the information and details of their users. Google Cloud’s security model, world-scale infrastructure, and a unique capability to innovate will help keep your organization secure and compliant. The security infrastructure of google protects all the identity, information, applications, and devices of the customers.
  • Open cloud: Google always believing in open cloud, because openness enables faster innovation, tighter security, and offers freedom from vendor lock-in Google believes openness matters more in the cloud than ever.
  • Tutorials: If you are new to Google Cloud Programs and don’t know how to start. No worries google has many tutorials, and they teach you how to build your business and services on Google cloud platform.
  • Solutions: Getting stuck somewhere and need help? GCP is ready to help you, GCP help user to provide a solution to their problems. the problem could be related to business, services, the marketplace, hosting, etc but Google provides you the solution and guides you to get your destination.

How to get free hosting on Google Cloud program?

There are lots of free hosting services provide by Google Cloud Platform. For small and medium businesses and for startup GCP provide 12 months of free hosting on GCP along with free hosting they also providing 300$ worth credit points to users for next transactions. After 12 months paid service will active but really it is very cheap. So enjoy Google Cloud hosting and share.
For the link to register on Google Cloud Free hosting Click here.
After clicking on the above link you’ll see all the free Google cloud hosting which google providing. Along with free Google also offers some paid services for a big organization at a cheap price.

Some of Services Google Cloud offers are as follows:

Conclusion: Google Cloud is the best platform to host your services and even they offer free services and cheap devices to their customers. So, grab the opportunity and expand your business by using Google Cloud.
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